The case of too many errors

Summary: Admins expressed extreme frustration due to n error that prevented them from adding users and required them to reach out to LogMeIn's support teams. I designed and championed a self service solution for those impacted users. The feature dramatically reduced the impact on  support staff as the failure rate dropped from 400+ times a day to zero.

The cost of an "Email in use" error

A single email address cannot hold multiple licenses of GoToMeeting. As its user base grew, this problem became more and more prevalent over the last decade. I collected quantitative behavioral data and qualitative interview data, which showed that:

  • Admins were prevented from adding users hundreds of times a day
  • The error was the most common Admins faced
  • Our care and support teams struggled to keep up with these requests
Hi team- Can someone see where <email> is already set up? My customer is trying to add him to their admin portal but he's getting the message that he's already a user
Corporate Account Executive
Hi, can this e-mail address please be released so that is can be aded to the corporate account?
Enterprise Account Executive
Can you please clear these two trial emails so that they can be added to an account? Thank you!!
New Business Sales Rep
Hi Team. I need these 2 emails cleared as they're being reported as already in use. Can someone help me?
Corporate Account Executive

Steps to self-service

  1. Listening to internal and user feedback directly from those impacted, I sketched out an initial flow where admins can invite any user to their account.
  2. In partnership with engineers, I evaluated approaches within the constraints of the existing architecture.
  3. I refined the flows to high fidelity, clickable mockups. I used these artifacts to evaluate the approach and to guide developers in scoping and planning.
  4. I validated internally, with our support teams, and externally with users through conversations and unmoderated usability test.
  5. I incorporated findings in parallel with collaborations with front end and back end engineers throughout development.

Readiness, release, and reception

As a leader in the Identity team, I was also responsible for orchestrating internal readiness. I drafted the technical documentation, presented demos, and created a promo video showcasing many of the support staff that had dealt with this problem for years.

The feature met an enthusiastic response. Director of Customer Success noted, after more than a decade of the error, "...finally Goodbye! Great work team". Due to the project's impact on the business I was selected by leadership to represented this project and our team at a company-wide webinar attended by over 400 employees.

Slack chat announcing the new feature. replies such as "This is amazing!! Thank you so much team" and "That's absolutely awesome"
The release was enthusiastically welcomed by our internal teams. Oct 2020.