No mistaken identities

Summary: As the lead designer on LogMeIn's Identity team, I am tasked with centralizing all users from mergers and acquisitions onto a single platform for authentication, provisioning, and profile management, creating cost savings and value for the business. Our most recent migration concerned 500,000 users in the Bold product suite and is illustrative of my end-to-end design process.

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Goodbye username

While users ultimately benefit from this change, years of user feedback I have collected shows that any interruption to the authentication flow is an unwelcome disruption. My guiding design principle for authentication experiences is minimal or no UI while ensuring the highest level of security and uninterrupted access to services.

First, the lead developers, product manager, and I triaged the Bold user base to look for ways to minimize the disruption for each category we identified. I pushed the conversation towards finding ways to hide the migration process entirely behind the scenes for as many users as possible. For the remainder, I mapped the varying degrees of interruption. The most significant disruption would be for those required to map their existing username to a unique email address.

Artifact I created after a week-long spike with engineering and product leads to illustrate the categories of Bold users and the severity of the disruption. Aug 2019

To high(er) fidelity

Next, I translated these workflows in the flow diagrams to wireframes, then to higher fidelity mockups and finally, a clickable prototype. At each stage, I held checkpoints with stakeholders to reaffirm alignment and shared understanding.

Prototype of the six possible scenarios for username to email mappingVideo walkthrough of the design iterations (9:41)


In addition to seeking stakeholder alignment throughout, I also conducted usability tests to validate the design decisions. I prepared a script, a screener, and prototype to collect data from users trying out the proposed flow. After collecting the recordings, I analyzed the tasks and verbal feedback and identified common themes for opportunities for refinement and showstoppers to release. I brought these findings to the product team to inform their internal readiness and external messaging to users.

Unmoderated test recording in the platform. Nov 2019

Before and after

The Bold users now benefit from the enhanced security and personalization features, as well as the capability to easily move between any of their LogMeIn products. Prior to the migration, there were many different sign in experiences - now there is just one, with a consistent look and feel across all the LogMeIn experiences.

Bold joins the LogMeIn family, where all products share identity and authentication features and UI. 2020