UX Philosophy

A UX diplomat

I am a broker between Product and Engineering; a realist who uses data to makes strategic recommendations. My goals is to increase the confidence and effectiveness of decision making by the project leaders, including my own decisions as the UX stakeholder.

Wearing all the hats

My background is in research and qualitative methods. Throughout my design career, I have led research projects so that I strengthen my UX capabilities, my empathy for the user, and my impact to the business.

On agile teams, I have worn the Product hat many times, refining backlogs, writing stories, influencing prioritization as well as defining roll out strategies and working with enablement teams for release preparedness.

Centering the voice of the customer

Through design, research, and strategy, I bring development teams in close, routine contact with customers. My goal is to bring an unfiltered voice of the customer to the development team weekly. Today, I do this through a Voice of the Customer program which provides opportunities to listen directly to customer interviews or recorded support calls.

Managing complexity

UX is not about making "it easy" or "3 clicks away". Designing B2B and B2C SaaS applications requires complex  workflows and process while ensuring easy adoption, engagement, and uninterrupted productivity. I design to scale, evolve with growing business objectives, and evolving customer needs.  Every day is an exercise in how to understand and build for users within these very real circumstances.