A presenter standing on a stage in front of a projected screen. The screenshows the different between white and black text on the same background color
Presenting at ConveyUX on design, color contrast, and accessibility. 2019

More about Meg

I am a puzzle solver, focused on setting up users for success.

As a UX Designer with a background in research and, at times, taking on the product management role, I:

  • Work closely with engineering and cross functional stakeholders across and up organizations.
  • Bring new products and features to market and enable sales/support to ensure successful sales, engagement, and retention;
  • Specialize in accessibility and inclusive design.

I live on the lovely Central Coast of California in the Pacific time zone. Pronouns wise, she/her works for me, and the singular "they" always works great in UI.

MCramer Resume 2021 (PDF)www.linkedin.com/in/meg-cramer/