Meg Cramer
I am a solver of puzzles focused on setting up users for success.
Mailbox illustration - link to page The case of too many errors
The case of too many errors

For more than a decade, a business rule plagued users. I championed a new feature that eliminates failures.

Missing! Stakeholder alignment

How I make thinking visible, build knowledge together, and inspire confidence in decision makers.

Sifting through design research

With a wealth of insights from across LogMeIn, I triaged ideas and egos to update a critical touchpoint in the user journey.

Demystifying "designing for all"

Building LogMeIn's Accessibility Champions Program the ground up, to embed awareness and action in product development.

No mistaken identities

A window into my design process from start to finish, as lead designer for LogMeIn's Authentication and Identity experiences.

Meg's UX philosophy
The ol' UX
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